Proudly serving recipes inspired by family from Texas, Dominica and Wisconsin. 

Drop Anchor began in 2009 as a bar, restaurant and yacht services business on the Caribbean island Dominica ( not to be confused with the Dominican Republic). From a young age, Guy and Renee Richards instilled in their children a love for Sea and HER communities, initially by taking annual trips from their hometown of Midland, Texas to Port Aransas. Those travels later moved to multiple Caribbean islands on scuba diving trips, which ultimately lead to settling on a property in Dominica. After building a home and business on the island they opened Drop Anchor Dominica in 2009. While that location lives on, by 2013 the Richards were ready to start a second location in Port Aransas, where they and their children first learned to love island life. Daughter Ashley moved from Dominica to manage Drop Anchor Bar & Grill in Port Aransas, bringing with her traditional Caribbean recipes. These recipes begin with fresh seafood, chicken, beef, fruits and vegetables seasoned, prepared and cooked Caribbean local style! Not just the stereotypical processed pineapple & coconut infused cooking that so many believe to be true Caribbean when in fact that is resort style.  Drop Anchor also imports juices, pepper sauces and coffee from Dominica that are made from fresh fruits and vegetables on the island (used in our food and drink recipes and for sale at the restaurant).